Conditions Producing
Chronic Pain include:

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Pain that persists over prolonged periods, usually greater than six months without any relief from self-therapy, expectant (waiting) therapy or conservative medical measures, is termed “Chronic Pain”. People with chronic pain cannot live a normal, healthy lifestyle. Functional daily activities such as walking, driving, bodily self-care, sleeping, eating and even sexual activity are very difficult, if not impossible in the chronic pain sufferer’s life. Chronic pain can also have psychological effects such as depression and anxiety. Chronic pain prevents a person from simply living a normal life.

      At Trinity Pain Medicine Associates, we are committed to diagnosing the primary source of your pain, and then developing a comprehensive, long-term treatment plan that is suited to your individual needs. Our goals include reducing dependence on oral opioid (narcotic) medications, finding solutions for depression and anxiety by a comprehensive approach resulting in Persistent Pain Recovery and Functional Restoration. As with all aspects of our practice, we rely heavily on awareness and support of your spirituality and faith in our Lord as our reason for being here to serve you and your needs. In this respect it is important for you to know that our physicians are also sensitive to where you are in your spiritual/faith journey.

      While we take many physician referrals, self-referrals are also welcome. For self-referred patients we are happy to provide your Primary Care Physician or any others of your choosing copies of your records.

additional areas treated


Spasticity or
Movement Disorders

Angina Pectoris not responsive to medical
or surgical treatment

Peripheral Neuropathies

Cerebral Vascular Accident (Stroke)

Chronic Pancreatitis
or Hepatitis pain

Pain from HIV/AIDS conditions

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