Fidel Veloz's Story


"After visiting TPMA, I could continue my job nearly pain-free" - Fidel Veloz, age 31, acute pain patient


Simple and quick relief is what Fidel Veloz, Fort Worth resident, achieved after visiting Dr. Ashley Classen of TPMA. Laborious work such as lifting heavy objects initiated Veloz's acute pain condition. Veloz suffered from lower back pain, which extended to his lower left extremity.


"It started out as a dull muscle ache until it became a horrible, sharp pain," Veloz said. "After weeks of ignoring the ache, the pain got so bad that my job performance declined."


In 1998, Veloz's employer noticed that his pain was impairing him physically and advised him to seek medical attention. After consulting his primary care physician, he was referred to TPMA for an epidural steroid injection to control his acute pain.


"The procedure is very simple and very quick," Veloz said. "I was in there about an hour and then someone had to drive me home."


According to Veloz, the healing process lasted only three weeks with bed rest for three days immediately following the procedure. He was able to return to work with light duties after three days. Veloz said there was a significant difference in his overall comfort level and job performance.


"I recommend TPMA for anyone who is seeking a quick and simple solution to lower back pain," Veloz said.

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