Wanda Cosby's Story


"I consider myself 100 percent pain free thanks to TPMA." - Wanda Cosby, age 79, chronic pain patient


From 1974 until 1998, Wanda Cosby, nurse, suffered from chronic pain after taking a hard fall at work. After numerous visits to her physician, it was found that she had a herniated nucleus pulposus at two levels. Cosby underwent several surgeries including two laminectomies and two separate fusions but was still in chronic pain in her legs and back.


The pain was unbearable for Cosby. Everyday functionality such as sitting down and sleeping were destroyed. Cosby couldn't sleep for more than two hours per night.


"It got so bad," Cosby said, "that my husband would put me in our van and drive me around like a baby who couldn't sleep. The pain really took everything away from me."


Cosby said the pain changed her whole personality.


"The pain made me become a withdrawn person and I was never the withdrawn type," Cosby said. "I couldn't enjoy life anymore."


In 1998, Cosby was referred to Dr. Ashley Classen at TPMA. Following consultation and diagnostic procedures, Dr. Classen found that Cosby was a candidate for an implantable opioid infusion pump.


Cosby considers her pain pump a wonderful device that controls her chronic pain condition. Not only does it remarkably reduce her pain, the device is discrete and doesn't leave the her feeling hazy.


"You don't even know it's there or that you're on morphine," Cosby said.


After implantation of the pain pump, Cosby said her pain was reduced immediately and now she can be more actively involved in her community and church.


"I don't have any pain. Every once in a while I might have a ten minute breakthrough of pain," Cosby said. "I consider myself 100 percent pain free."

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