Roger Clark's Story


"TPMA made it possible for me to live." - Roger Clark, age 50, chronic pain patient


After suffering from chronic pain in his left leg and lower back for over 20 years, at age 47, Roger Clark can finally live the life he has always wanted since his injury. Clark suffered from postlaminectomy syndrome and failed surgical back syndrome with left lower extremity radiculopathy and neuropathic pain component.


"I didn't take the pain well," Clark said. "All I could think about was the pain. In the advanced stages, when it became severe, I was non-functional. I could not take a meal at the table. I could only lie in bed. I spent every Thanksgiving and Christmas alone in bed. I wouldn't see anyone."


Clark's condition was related to an old gunshot wound suffered during the Vietnam War in the late 1960's. Clark was also injured on the job in 1975. He underwent several back surgeries including three laminectomies and three laminectomy fusions. Clark said he was never able to get his pain under control.


"I tried everything. I tried acupuncture, biofeedback, and hypnosis. Every kind of pain therapy solution that would come along, I would go for it," Cark said. "I even considered paralysis and was willing to accept that over the pain."


Clark also suffered from depression and sleep disorders. He became overly dependent on his oral medications.


Finally, in 1996, Clark visited Dr. Ashley Classen at TPMA who diagnosed and treated his condition. After treating Clark with several blocks and procedures, Dr. Classen found Clark to be a candidate for two separate devices--an opioid infusion pump and a dorsal column stimulator. Dr. Classen worked determinedly to get Clark's pain under control so Clark could take back

his life.


Clark said after the procedures were completed, he saw a remarkable difference almost immediately. He started seeing a psychologist to help with his depression. Clark's pain became bearable and his life had meaning again.


"The world was no longer overwhelming. My food had taste. The air had meaning. I felt like a kid getting his first set of keys again," Clark said. "My mind is healing as well as my body."


Clark said he considers TPMA a Godsend.


"I could really see a difference with TPMA," Clark said. "They far exceed the regular Dr./patient relationship. They became my friends. They really do care. I couldn't do enough to repay them."

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