Will the procedure hurt?

You will be sedated for the procedure. You might have some pain at injection sites for 24 to 48 hours afterwards however, most people find this minimal.


How long will I benefit from the procedure?

The doctor will completely explain the benefits of the particular procedure chosen for your treatment.


How long does the procedure take?

You need to plan for the entire process to take approximately four hours on a simple block procedures and the entire day for implant procedures.


How long will I be off work?

For block procedures, you will miss work the day of the procedure with light duty three days afterwards. For implant procedures, you will miss work for one to four weeks depending on

job duties.


Will I be pain free?

Remember, there can be no guarantees in medicine. You will not be 100 percent pain free but we hope to decrease your pain by 60 to 70 percent.


Does insurance cover the procedures?

The majority of our procedures are covered by insurance. We will verify coverage for every procedure.


Will the pump be noticeable?

The pump may be somewhat noticeable in the average person. It is more noticeable in very thin patients. We recommended that tight clothing not be worn after the device is implanted.


Will a metal detector alarm if I have a pump?

A metal detector may detect your pump. You will have an ID card to carry with you at all times.


Can I have an X-Ray or MRI?

X-ray and CT scans are acceptable procedures however, please check with your doctor before having an MRI procedure.


Can I be around microwaves?



Can I have sex?


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