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Most important in the process of reducing pain and restoring a patient’s functional abilities is the fundamental source for the name of our practice, Trinity. Many here in Fort Worth believe it is derived from the river. In fact, however, we named our practice for the source of all healing, the One who created and sustains us, the Lord our God, in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Our motto therefore carries a special meaning. First and foremost, “a difference in treatment, a difference in life” reflects our conviction that we are simply another pathway which our Creator uses to heal and bring a return to a more comfortable life experience. Hence, one may notice placards in our office with verse from scripture and the offer that our physicians are always ready to pray with you at your request.


Not only are we dedicated to you, we are dedicated to the practice of pain management. Our vast knowledge, skills and experiences allow us to acquire insight into how and why your pain is experienced. Understanding your source of pain is key in knowing how to treat your pain properly. We also know what works for some sufferers will not work for others. We are continually updating our knowledge and skills on pain and pain management to better  serve you and your medical needs.

Ashley M. Classen, D.O, F.A.O.C.A.  &  E. Jo Bailey, M.D.

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